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In November 2020 Christie and Tanya began the Humblehides journey - Their first bag design; the Courageous, was bold, fearless, vulnerable and brave. It signified the start of the venture - this was more than a business venture it was a start of a journey of imperfections, mindfulness, resilience,authenticity and empowerment. 

These designs are an exhibition of this journey together, each one playing an important role to getting to where they are today. Beginning the experience humble and having grown with every step, they have made errors and learnt; have met amazing people and have been guided by family and friends.It was a fun year growing together!

After the most incredible year and a truely special partnership and friendship formed -Tanya has moved on as co-founder for Christie to continue on the Humblehides journey into the Zimbabwean markets and more!

Tanya and Christie

The Founders of Humble Hides

I am so humbled by my experience over the past year with Humblehides. I am so excited to see what Christie has in-store for the brand  going forward. Such an inspiration this journey has been for me; I am so grateful for the opportunity to work beside Christie laying the foundations of this together. As we launch our first collection I move on to seek out my next adventure, however, I will continue sharing memories and glasses of wine with Christie, reminiscing on our fabulous adventure of HUMBLEHIDES 2021 ! All the Best!



December 2021

A note from Tanya
A note from Christie Emmanuel

When Tanya approached me with an idea she wanted to run by me, I never in a million years would have guessed leather.   From there, what started out as a hobby and a good reason to get together, have a glass of wine (or two) and share ideas, and crazy ideas, turned out into something unimaginable.  The past year has taught me so much in the birth of HumbleHides as well as so many other things I have experienced.  Tanya will always be etched in the HH story and as she embarks on her new adventure, I salute her and wish her everything she so richly deserves.  Still trying to find my feet in it all (and the words), I ask you to join me in this humble journey going forward … watch this space!

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