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Build your own 


Our hides are sourced from sustainable local Zimbabwean suppliers. These hides are 100% genuine cow leather. Although we take care to select the best possible sections of hide for use in our leather collections, leather is a natural product and blemishes or defects should be expected with a genuine organic product. This is a reflection of life and originality expected of 100% true leather. One must expect wear and tear over time with the delicate hair on hides. Please note that every bag is unique and no print is the same. Although this website has a visual guide of what to expect in the style and design of the product ordered, no 2 hides are the same and yours will be your own truely unique pattern which may differ from that seen on the website. 
Please note that our products are handmade with natural materials. For this reason the used materials such as leather and hair on hide may have slight variations in color.