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through wine, friends and fab designs


Without these incredible artisans we would never have got to where we are today, without their patience, attitude and willingness to help and teach - after many prototypes, many types of leathers, many incorrect terms and very clear moments of inexperience, we know more today than we thought we would ever know, when we sat down last year in November 2020. We are so grateful for all the time and effort given to help us get our feet off the ground .


A very special mention goes to Judy Friend our production and factory extraordinaire for being our absolute rock! Nothing was too difficult, nothing was unachievable - laughed at our jokes, enjoyed our love for wine, carted us around Bulawayo, introduced us to the leather world and coffee houses! You have been a guide and light through this journey and true gem! Thank you Judy!


We cannot forget of course to thank our partners for their love and support! When we wavered they encouraged us, when we procrastinated they pushed, when we dreamed too big they rooted us! Always our biggest supporters, thanks to Geoff and James.


To our girls and boys in our lives who never cease to be a welcomed distraction Taylor, Paige, Christopher, Oliver, Giorgio.


And last but not least our friends and family who have been a wonderful source of advise, sounding board and critique. You have helped us, inspired us and stood by us.

Thank you!

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